Kelen Side flare blouse (lkl20hbl8)

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Item introduction

model Height: 161cm Weight: 49kg Wearing size: M

Short sleeve blouses of cotton linen are in stock from kelen

The point that the design that the side spreads a little is cute

It ’s a very spacious body, but it looks neat and clean.

The good thing about kelen!

Pants made of the same material are also available, so setup is recommended.

The fabric is solid, so it can be used as a substitute for a summer jacket.






What is KELEN? (Keren) = (A new method that deviates from the traditional conventions and rules in theater and classical performing arts, etc.

It is a word that means (to take a unique route).

I want to make something new that seems to be classic in such fashions and trends.

Such a feeling is put in this brand name.

"Understanding and respecting traditions, but without being bound by preconceived ideas, we will continue to create new and unique products."

This is the kelen brand concept.



Width 63cm Length 59cm Back 69cm Sleeve length 43cm
55% linen 45% cotton
Country of origin
A feeling of sheerness
Sagawa Express (date and time can be specified): ○ Letter pack (date and time cannot be specified): ×

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