Legal notice

Distributor:Rico Rico branch office

Representative:Atsushi Nemoto

location:963-8851, Kaisei 5-19-19, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, Oyama Building 103, Japan

phone number:024-983-0575


Required charges other than the product price:Shipping

Payment method and timing of payment:credit card

Delivery time of goods:We will ship within 5 days after payment is confirmed. It will be shipped within 7 days depending on the region and conditions. Reserved items, ordered items, and specially ordered items will be shipped immediately as soon as they arrive. 

About returns, defective products, and cancellations:

● About returns

  1. Please contact us by phone or email within 7 days after the item arrives. We will contact you with the return address and return method.
    Please note that we may not be able to accept the item even if it is returned without contacting us.

  2. We strive to reproduce as faithfully as possible, but due to the environment such as the display screen, the color seen on the page may differ slightly from the actual product color.
    If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us in advance.

  3. Many of the products we handle are subjected to various processing (product washing, post-dyeing processing, damage processing, etc.) to make the best use of the texture.
    Even if the same product is used, the dimensions may differ slightly from those shown, or there may be color unevenness, wrinkles, scratches, etc.
    They will not be treated as defective products.

  4. In addition, we will not accept any returns if any of the following items apply.

    • Items that have not been contacted more than 7 days after the item arrived.
    • A product that has been used by the customer once.
    • Goods that the customer has soiled and damaged.
    • When the product box, instruction manual, tag, etc. are soiled, damaged, or lost.
    • Products processed by the customer.
    • Products that have been repaired or cleaned after delivery.
    • Items such as sales, lucky bags, and auctions that are sold at a lower price than the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

  5. We may refuse orders for those who fall under any of the following at our discretion.

    • Customers with a large number of defective returns (for "good products" according to our shop and manufacturer standards).
    • Those who have a history of refusal to receive.
    • Those who have returned a non-defective product as a defective product.
    • Those who have returned the damaged item as a defective item.

    • Customers with many cancellations.

    • In addition, when it is judged that mail order is difficult at our shop.

    Please note that customers' orders that fall under the above may be canceled at our discretion without the consent of the customer.

 Return shipping fee In case of damage or severe dirt due to initial failure, the store will bear the cost. For returns due to customer's convenience, we will bear the shipping fee for the round trip. Defective product 1. For all orders, we cannot return or exchange the product for your convenience.

2. Returns and exchanges are "exchange for the same product or exchange for equivalent products". In this case, please note that you cannot request a refund.

3. After the product arrives, please check for damage without delay.

4. In the unlikely event that the product is damaged, defective, or incorrect, please contact Rico within 2 days after the product arrives. Subsequent communications will not be recognized as initial defects. In this case, please keep the product in the same packaging as when it was delivered.

5. Only damaged items, incorrect items, and initial defective items when the item arrives can be returned or exchanged.

6. "Initial defective product" shall mean a product that meets all the standards of the warranty provisions defined below.
 -Customers are not careful in handling the product, and there is no improper handling such as dropping.
 -Do not deviate from the usage conditions or precautions stated in the product specifications.
 -The information has not been rewritten, changed, or modified by the customer.
 -All product accessories (packages, manuals, documents, etc.) are complete and undamaged.
 -The consumable parts should not be worn out due to normal use, and should not be scratched during use.
 -Recognized as "initial defective product" by Rico.

7. If you contact us within the period and Rico finds damage to the product, defects due to initial defects, product differences, etc., or if the damaged part of the product is damaged or initially defective, the damaged part can be partially replaced. Replace with a new part, if not possible, replace with a new product. In case of wrong items, Rico will bear the cost of exchanging for the correct ordered item. However, if the replacement product is a manufacturer or supplier and the product cannot be supplied due to discontinuation of production, etc., it will be replaced with an equivalent product.

8. If the customer moves overseas after the sales contract is concluded, the warranty period will expire.

9.Rico shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages to the customer resulting from the use or inability to use the product.