ONES STROKE- * Pique S / S Big T-shirts (K3524-71) 2 colors

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Item introduction

model Height: 170cm Weight: 60kg Wearing size: M


It is worn by male models, but it is also recommended for women ☆

It looks like a normal BIG silhouette T-shirt,

A T-shirt with a cotton thermal fabric stuck on the inside, which you can wear for a long time from spring to autumn without a sense of sheerness ☆

It seems that it's hot in the middle of summer, but it's comfortable in summer with the highly absorbent thermal fabric and the highly breathable Kanoko fabric.

After all, the silhouette is good.

The length of the sleeve is about half sleeve ◎

What makes women especially happy is that they can be worn with just one piece (´ ー ` *)



The brand was established in 2011 with the concept of making things that take time and effort one by one.

New styling is updated every season based on traditional.

We have carefully selected materials that are conscious of the texture, a silhouette that emphasizes balance, and a comfortable fit that does not make you feel stress.

We will continue to propose new styling that is not bound by anything, aiming to be a high-quality Japanese brand that adults can wear.



Length 62 cm, length 67 cm behind, width 59 cm, shoulder width 54 cm, sleeve length 19 cm
Length 65 cm, length 70 cm behind, width 61 cm, shoulder width 56 cm, sleeve length 20 cm
Length 70 cm, length back 73 cm, width 63 cm, shoulder width 58 cm, sleeve length 20 cm
cotton 100%
Country of origin
A feeling of sheerness
There is none
There is

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