[LIMMER]-LIGHT WEIGHT BOOT Lightweight boots

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model Height: 170cm Weight: 60kg Wearing size: 28.0cm

US "Backpacker Magazine" magazine in 2002 and 2003 in a row


Introducing lightweight boots that won the Editor's Choice Award!


Very skilled craftsmen finish all the production by hand one by one


High quality gem! !!


A piece of 2.8 cm smooth waxed nubuck leather based on traditional manufacturing methods


Because it is sewn in only one place from the arch to the instep by three-dimensional molding


For a finish with excellent waterproofness and toughness!


For sewing the upper and sole, use extra-thick stitches vertically and horizontally with respect to the sole.


We use the "Norwegian Welt manufacturing method"!


It has both design and functionality that can be matched casually or elegantly.


It is one of the finest pairs ☆


* Please be sure to read before purchasing *


Since it uses natural leather, there may be some color unevenness.


Also, since it is an imported product, there are scratches and crushes on the box.


In addition, we will inspect the condition of the leather and send it.


Please note that small scratches, adhesive residue, etc. are not B products.



Tyrolean shoes, ski boots, near Boston by the Limmer family of German immigrants since 1919

We have started manufacturing custom hiking boots.

Moved to New Hampshire in the 1950s and continues to this day. Germany in Bavaria in the mid 70's

Contracted with a shoe factory and started importing and selling in the United States.

Using the traditional manufacturing method and the best leather, it is characterized by its light and soft comfort.

Since then, it has been praised by American hikers and backpackers as the best trekking boots in the world.

The ease of wearing and high quality of LIMMER BOOTS has been rumored all over the world, but it is hardly available.

Talked about as a phantom boot maker, it is still very popular today.



Japan size 26.0cm
Japan size 26.5cm
Japan size 27.0cm
Japan size 27.5cm
Japan size 28.0cm
Waxed nubuck leather
Country of origin
A feeling of sheerness
There is none
There is none

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