Yachimun Ken Sugawara 4.5 inch bowl

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Item introduction

This is Ken Sugawara's Yachimun, who is making pottery in Okinawa.

It's rice that you eat every day, so you want to eat it in a nice bowl!

Mr. Sugawara's bowl that will surely make the rice delicious

Please use it!

It's very good!



For those who order multiple sheets

This vessel has the same color and the same manufacturing method,

The expression and color density of each piece will differ depending on the amount of firing.

Please understand that there are differences in size and color.

If you are interested, please contact us.



Producing area
Sagawa Express (date and time can be specified): ○

Before purchase

As each item is handmade, the colors and shapes are not uniform.
Due to the nature of the pottery glaze, there are black spots, unevenness, turbidity, intrusion and cracks.
Also, if it is burned with firewood, soil and ash may adhere to it or it may swell.
Please enjoy the unique taste of handicrafts as a unique item.
Product images may look different from the actual product due to the nature of your computer display.
In our store, the stock on the web is the same as the actual store. We are trying to correct the inventory as soon as possible, but
Please note that there may be differences in sales due to inventory fluctuations.