prit 30/1 Recycled uneven thread Tenjiku, TOP heather, tank top (P92080)

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model Height: 161cm Weight: 49kg Wearing size: 1


Please have something that is soft and comfortable to wear, just for simple things!

A tank top made from a fabric made from cotton with a single thread of No. 30.

It is a classic fabric that has been made for a long time.

It is one that you will want to arrange in different colors in the coming season.








We propose everyday wear that is natural and cute, but never sweet.

It's simple and gentle, stripping away unnecessary things, and relaxing when you wear it.

"Comfort of washing" that you want to wear every day. That is prit.


Width 41 cm Length 58 cm Shoulder width 29 cm
cotton 100%
Country of origin
A feeling of sheerness
There are some
There are some

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