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Item introduction

model Height: 170cm Weight: 60kg Wearing size: 8e


All handmade, so rare and hard to come by

It is "Middle English" of FERNAND LEATHER (Fernando leather)!

High-quality material makes it easy to wear and fits comfortably on your feet.

Simple, easy-to-match and easy-to-use shoes that can be worn daily ☆

Soft leather fits your foot and can be adjusted with the instep strap!

The highly cushioned vibram sole keeps you from getting tired even if you wear it for a long time.

It's light so it's very easy to walk ♪

You can enjoy it regardless of the season **


* Due to the characteristics of leather products, scratches, wrinkles, etc.

Please note that the texture of each pair may vary.


◆ About the brand

FERNAND LEATHER (Fernando leather)

Steve Fernand, who also worked on Aurora shoes,

An American leather brand founded in 1983.

All processes are handmade and feature high quality leather products.



Japanese size (men's) 25.0-25.5cm
Japanese size (men's) 26.0-26.5cm
Country of origin
A feeling of sheerness
There is none
There is none

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